Tyre Marker

The Tyre markers are a softer, molded waxed based round crayons, for marking tyres, rubber, glass, cardboard, steel, etc which is also weather and water resistant.Tyre_markers

Colours include red, white, yellow & to spec . The size being 110 x 14mm round

They are packed 50 per box, 6 boxes per case (300 markers). Weight is 7.5kg's with the dimensions of 450 x 175 x 145 mm

Wholesale pricing specifically for distributors and stockists

White Tyre Marker

1-10 Cases R2300.00
11-20 Cases R2180.00
+ 20 Cases R2040.00

Colour Tyre Marker

1-10 Cases R2740.00
11-20 Cases R2600.00
+ 20 Cases R2400.00