UV Security Marker

UVMarker        UVMarker_light

  • Fast-drying waterproof UV ink
  • Permanent UV ink - doesn't fade like a standard UV pen
  • Markings show up brightly under Ultraviolet light
  • Effective on many surfaces but can be rubbed off on some metals and glazed surfaces - we recommend testing prior to use.
  • Unwanted markings can be removed with surgical spirit, meths etc..

Felt tip paint marker and felt tip Ultra violet security marker

A Fibre tipped permanent paint marker for steel & other smooth surfaces, and a permanent UV ink for security marking. The mark only shows up under a UV light

Size : 10mm x 137mm

Colours:  Ultra Violet,yellow,orange,white,black,green,red,blue,turquoise,pink,brown,gold,copper and silver.

Packed: 10 Markers per box

Weight: 170g

Dimensions: 75mm x 145mm x 35mm

Price: per box

1-10 Cases R637.00
11-20 Cases R585.00
+ 20 Cases R546.00