Gilders Paste

Our gilders paste is ideal for permanent paint technique effect on art frames, furniture, steel and all other home decor and craft projects.

Apply with a brush or soft cloth and use turps to thin and clean


Steel Markers

We have three different steel markers depending on the heat the steel will undergo.

  • cold for under 100 degrees Celsius
  • hot for between 100 – 600 degrees Celsius
  • very hot (vhm) for over 600 degrees Celsius

Paint Marker

A permanent overnight drying paint in a convenient crayon form.  Excellent for permanent marking on any surface whether wet, dry, oily rough or smooth.  Marks on textiles, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, wood to name a few.

If needed, the marking can be removed with a standard industrial solvent.

Road Marker

An extruded wax based square crayon for marking roads, cement, rock, lumber, rusted steel.  It is weather & water resistant.

Mine Crayons

A round extruded wax crayon used for marking timber, rock and other rough surfaces.
Individual crayon size: 175 X 25mm
Packed: 100 per box

Underground Paint

A water based paint with excellent coverage, for underground rock marking, in the mining and geology industries, for the roads industry, pothole and concrete marking.

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